No pharmaceutical product could ever equal the rush you get

when the band hits that groove

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"We are putting the band back together"

Copenhagen Blues Brothers celebrates more than 20 years of existence and has now become the greatest "Blues Brothers Show" ever seen in Denmark. Having toured hundreds of the most Danish and international venues, bars, Company Headquarters, and showplaces, the CPH Blues Brothers gained show-experience and a huge group of fanatic blues addicts as loyal fans. The story is the same, as the front figures Jake and Elwood Blues (The Blues Brothers) give the audience their "Blues Fever" back, delivering an entertaining show, with groovy rythm section, a tight horn section, and of course in the well known "Black Suits". Copenhagen Blues Brothers has since the beginning intended to play the famous Blues Brothers songs. This has resulted in a very busy band that in the last 15 years has toured all of Denmark and Scandinavia. The idea, apart from the music, is to make a show, that warms every dance floor, with the most true Blues Brothers dancing and bouncing around the stage, to get the party rolling - and people dancing on the dancefloors! The musicians in the Copenhagen Blues Brothers has many different roots, and have all been playing in other popular bands. But when the Copenhagen Blues Brothers gathered to play "The Blues", it became a unique experience, because all the band members share a common love for Blues, R&B, and Soul.

You have to experience this live!

The Band

Jake Blues - Per Hansen

Per Hansen – Lead Vocal

Jake Blues

Elwood Blues

Emil Lillelund – Lead Vocal

Elwood Blues

Fat Magic Fingers - Jens Zeuthen

Tobias B. Uglebjerg – Guitar & Background Vocal

Buddy Smooth

Fat Magic Fingers - Jens Zeuthen

Jens Zeuthen – Bass & Vocal

Fat Magic Fingers

Jerry Lee The Kille

Anders Mortensen - Keyboard/Organ

Jerry Lee The Killer

The Monkey

Anders Kramshøj Bonfils - Drums

The Monkey


Jakob Johansen - Trombone

Mad Max

Louie The Lips

Tav Klitgaard - Trumpet

Louie The Lips


Brian Thorsbro - Tenor Saxophone

Sir Brian

It´s 106 miles to Chicago,
we got a full tank of gas,
half a pack of cigarettes, it´s dark...

and we´re wearing sunglasses

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The blues mobile

+45 2925 8601


Jens Zeuthen
Bentzonsvej 1
2000 Frederiksberg